Meet the world’s fastest analytics engine.

e6data is a giant leap forward in analytics processing technology driving 5 to 20x price-performance gains over your existing data platform.

No data movement
No changes to tooling
No changes to queries
No changes to pipelines
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Our core algorithms are backed by 8+ patents
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Ultra performant, cost-effective analytics for your data analysts, data scientists, operational teams, and executives

Data Consumers
  • Radically faster dashboards and reports
  • Work on the most granular data
Data Engineering/Platform teams
  • Improve performance while reducing costs
  • Deploy in your platform - with little or no changes to existing tech
Business Decision Maker
  • Timely answers to complex data questions
  • Drive new analytics use cases with near limitless performance

Faster queries

Save 1000’s of hours of wait times each day across your most important employees.

Lower cost

Avoid 3-7x spikes in analytics costs as your data volumes, number of queries and number of data consumers grow.

Inherently secure, with
built-in privacy

Your data stays where it is, governed by your rules.

Up and running in under
10 minutes

Spin up e6data in your environment through our web UI without any DevOps or Engineering effort.

9 Company logos(coinbase, stripe, slack, zapier, asana, zendesk, wise, uber and dropbox) in a grid

Data dominance powers
Market dominance

A fearless culture of data exploration and rapid experimentation is the (not-so-secret) superpower of some of the most admired companies in the world.

Blazing fast reports, real-time
ad-hoc queries

For all your data consumers: data analysts, data scientists, operational teams, product and growth teams, and executives.

e6data analytics experience improvements

e6data: a radically new approach to ultra-high performance big data analytics

Traditional SQL query engines have evolved impressively from their OLTP roots. However, they treat the effects of distribution of large workloads (and the inevitable network shuffle that is involved) as an afterthought.

We took a clean slate approach and reimagined the foundational building blocks of a big data analytics engine, where distribution is treated as a primary consideration.

Eliminate the brute force approach of existing SQL engines

On the fly, e6data creates multiple layers of indirection that enable it to reduce the volume of data operated on by orders of magnitude.

This reduces the amount of network shuffle involved in large queries by > 95%, thereby eliminating the cause of multiplicative delays.

Foresight based, vectorised query evaluation & execution

e6data's engine evaluates a query in its entirety, and intelligently combines the execution of multiple heavy operations into a single stage.

Independent execution branches are kicked off concurrently for highly parallelized execution.

Performance gains amplify with scale and complexity!

Unlike with Spark and Presto / Trino, e6data's consensus based distribution framework does not have the coordinator / driver as a single point of failure. Nor does it trade off between fault tolerance and low latency.

Coupled with our obsessive focus on shuffle elimination, performance gains increase with increases in data volumes and query complexity!

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Rapid, cost effective exploration of even the most granular data

Fast queries even over deep explorations of multi-year granular data. Without worrying about cost.

Support that goes all the way

Up and running in under 10 mins
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Automated deployment across cloud platforms
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Have questions? We got you

Where does e6data fit in my data stack?
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e6data is the SQL compute engine between your existing data storage layer (e.g., AWS S3, GCS, ADLS, etc.) and your existing data consumption layer (e.g., Tableau, Power BI, Superset, Metabase, etc.).

Do I need to change my existing Data Pipelines?
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No. During initial setup, just point e6data to the data you’d like to query (e.g., AWS S3 buckets) and query away!

Do I need to change the BI / Reporting Tools / SQL IDEs that my teams use?
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No. e6data connects to your existing tools via JDBC / ODBC / etc.

How can I deploy e6data? How complex is the deployment? Do I need DevOps expertise?
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Anyone with credentials can get e6data up and running via our simple dashboard / UI based setup. You’re up and running in under 10 minutes. No DevOps expertise is needed.

Do I need to move or replicate my data?
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No data movement is required. e6data is deployed where your data resides i.e., within your existing cloud account or on your on-premise systems. No more replication of data to warehouses (e.g. Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, etc.).

Do I need to modify (or re-develop) my Queries, Reports, Views, or Dashboards?
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No. You continue to use your existing queries, views, reports and dashboards with e6data without any effort or migration.

How does e6data handle data governance rules?
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e6data interfaces with your existing governance tools and enforces your existing governance rules.

How can I try e6data?
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Click the Get Started link below or contact us at to be part of our Early Access Program!

5 to 20x price performance increase on your data platform

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