Universal Interoperability and Open-Source Friendliness: Bridging the Gap for Seamless Integration

How e6data supports your existing infrastructure

By Vishnu Vasanth on 21 May, 2024

e6data's architecture diagram: where is fits in existing data stacks.

How e6data seamlessly fits into your existing data stack

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  • 1. Standard SQL support
  • 2. Open File Formats
  • 3. Open Table Formats
  • 4. Object Store
  • 5. Data Catalog
  • 6. Data Governance
  • 7. BI / Reporting Tools

Engineered for universal interoperability and open-source compatibility , e6data is a versatile choice for modern data infrastructures. Avoiding the need for data migration, our solution eliminates vendor lock-ins , providing you with the flexibility to choose the best tools for your needs. Integrations are facilitated through robust driver connectivity, and we also support custom integration requests to meet specific technical requirements. Below is a list of the integrations /data stacks we currently support:

1. Standard SQL support

e6data is built on the robust foundation of standard ANSI SQL++ and supports dialects from the most commonly used engines today, including Databricks, Snowflake, Presto, Trino, and Athena. Additionally, our platform features in-house AI-powered capabilities for SQL dialect conversion, ensuring seamless interoperability across various query engines.

2. Open File Formats

As a next-generation lakehouse compute engine, e6data supports querying from a wide range of file formats, providing comprehensive analytics capabilities to meet diverse business needs. Currently, our platform handles commonly used file formats such as Parquet, ORC, AVRO, JSON, and CSV, among others.

3. Open Table Formats

To deliver high performance and cost optimization across diverse workloads, e6data is compatible with the industry's most powerful and widely adopted open table formats. Our current support includes Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, Apache Hive, Delta Lake, XTable, and UniForm with plans to expand compatibility to emerging formats in the near future.

4. Object Store

e6data seamlessly integrates with leading object storage solutions, including Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), and Azure Blob Storage. This native support ensures high availability, durability, and performance, enabling scalable and efficient data management.

5. Data Catalog

We seamlessly integrate with leading data catalog solutions, including AWS Glue, Apache Hive, Unity Catalog, and Dataproc, to ensure comprehensive metadata management, discoverability, and governance, without any migration.

6. Data Governance

e6data seamlessly integrates with leading data governance solutions, including Immuta, Privacera, and Apache Ranger. In addition to these solutions, e6data offers an in-house data governance product that features seamless integration and advanced capabilities such as attribute-based data management, data masking, and role-based access control (RBAC), on a single unified platform with a user-friendly interface, making data governance efficient and accessible to data stewards and data teams alike.

7. BI / Reporting Tools

e6data seamlessly integrates with leading BI and reporting tools, including Tableau, Power BI, Metabase, Superset, and Looker to enable data teams to query and visualise data on their choice of platforms without any migration and training effort.

Experience the next generation of data infrastructure with e6data, where flexibility, performance, and comprehensive integration come together to meet all your data needs.

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